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We are Buddaful



December 2014 AMP Ex. Event: Magical Winter Tea From one Purse to Another

Presents: A Consciously Curated w/LOVE brand partnership.

Lets the Greetings be amplified. AMP Ex. is honored to have Buddhaful on board to deliver a Magical Winter Tea.


Jude Weber is a Buddhist practitioner, whose longtime philosophy has been that we can achieve

world peace by creating value in our own lives and taking charge of our individual happiness, one person at a time. She has been dedicated to this worldwide movement for over 23 years—the goal of which is to awaken to the dignity and power that reside within us and transform our lives at the deepest level. With an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology and Consciousness, Health, and Healing, Jude has committed to a life of healing, growth, and upliftment.

Jude began her professional career in the fashion industry, where she traveled extensively throughout the Far East and Europe on a regular basis. As a business executive, she expanded her experience into the music and financial industries. It wasn’t until four years ago when a life-threatening health condition forced Jude to stop everything, that she truly got to examine and reclaim her life.

Jude uses her profound insight into the human condition as a means of expression.

Persevering through the darkness, she reignited her passion for writing and her creativity as a means of self expression and healing herself, as well as in service to others. Through her deep challenges, Jude has brought to life a long-lived creative dream called “Buddhaful,” a line of inspirational, handmade cards and sacred keepsakes that incorporate uplifting words and images. The intention of Buddhaful is to infuse the giver and receiver the loving energy and empowerment of each message.

Jude uses her profound insight into the human condition as a means of expression. Through her writing, creativity, and counseling, her greatest desire is to support and inspire others to transcend their own personal struggles and to awaken to their true nature that we are all Buddhaful inside.

Concsiously Curated w/LOVE we salute you Jude!


Our Mission

Buddhaful cards are designed with universal pieces of life intended to elevate everyday living and moments. Each card has been crafted infusing energy & vibration to inspire, uplift and encourage each other, experiencing more than just a greeting card.

Buddhaful’s greatest desire is to nurture the human spirit.

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