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Second Saturday DANCE Class @Lorna Jane Beverly Center

Join us for a Second Saturday of each month Dance Class at Lorna Jane Active Living at the Beverly Center in the heart of Los Angeles an AMP experience with Cardio Dance Master Bryan Leigh Smith.

Dance is the great equalizer in the pursuit of happiness and complete body joy.

Come and Dance, Shop, Dream and catch some inspirational grooves at the City of Angels Mall capital of glamour and fashion the Beverly Center for our Second Saturday AMP Dance Class at 9 AM September 13, October 11, November 8, December 13th.

“Dance is communication and the great desire is to speak clearly and beautifully and with inevitability. And this is true of all of us.”

Class is a fundraiser and Lorna Jane is offering 20% purchase an item discount encouraging donations to Dance from the Heart as a ‪#‎give‬ it forward!

Please feel free to join us and invite someone who might enjoy making connections with movement and love.

AMP Experience Second Saturday Dance Class at Lorna Jane Dance Class 

#GIVE IT FORWARD AMP EXPERIENCE focused on Critical Mass Dance Company & Dance from the Heart

Lorna Jane Active Living 

& AMP Experience 


Second Saturday’s


Sept 13, Oct 11, Nov 8, Dec 13

9:00 AM – 30 MIN GROOVES


8500 Beverly Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90048



GIVE:  http://www.criticalmassdancecompany.org/make-a-donation.html

RSVP: info@ampexperience.com

SHOP: www.lornajane.com







Beginnings. The Two Thelma’s

The sharp exhale of breath that came from my friend Connie’s mouth after I had written “Thelma” on the wind prayer flag we were using to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the Chinese New Year falling on the same day sparked the question…

“What’s wrong?”

“That’s my Mom’s name.”


Electricity crackled in the air connecting the cosmic dots as Connie explained… “She died of cancer.” “Oh.” I continued. “I’ve been hearing Thelma in my head since I moved in and I thought it was my Grandmother (also named Thelma) … Wow. Wild. Huh?!” The two Thelma’s, my Grandmother and Connie’s Mother, had united in spirit, and had a hand in bringing the two of us together in the happenstance of circumstance that led to this quiet moment at 735 Alfred Street off of Melrose Place enjoying a cup of tea. They were helping us remember we were not alone; that moments of celebration could become connections and connections could bring inspiration. When it was time to “plant” the prayer flag “Amazing” came up in Connie’s heart and “Magnificent” came up in mine. It was then we decided to celebrate (with cupcakes) delicious treats and of course pots of tea all the Amazing and Magnificent women in our lives. Our first Sunday Tea at 735 Alfred Street brought in the door the Phenomenal Phoenix Gonzalez and without delay AMP EXPERIENCE was born. We never know so many things about why we are drawn where we are or how a particular offering of our heart may touch others.Melanie-Lutz---Web-Photo

I do

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actually charm the some my.know AMP is a beautiful reminder that we are all Amazing, Magnificent and Phenomenal, truly and wholly!! It was the message from the two Thelma’s and it led in a most perfect fashion to a series of Sunday afternoon Teas celebrating our AMP-ness surrounded by support for all the joy, happiness, tears and laughter that every life contains, with the opportunity to expand friendships, make connections and provide a space for encouragement and most importantly nourishment in the form of a community. It is with deep appreciation that we celebrate our lovely group of women. It is with gratitude that we embrace all the spirits that have joined together in a feminine social force of Love in action. With infinite love and deep gratitude we offer up AMP EXPERIENCE for your involvement, for your support, for your nourishment, and for your ideas.

For Thelma and our Ancestors, for our friends and our loved ones; for those angels of our past and present that encourage life’s everyday ordinary miracles My Grandmother – Thelma


Every single one of us wants to be happy. Most of us seek it but what happens when it sneaks up out of nowhere and finds you? Happiness showed up in my life as a roan-speckled, grey Arabian beauty named Felici. Her name literally means happiness/happily and luck in Italian. She came into my life at a time when I was over-worked, disgruntled, and about to transition out of my corporate career. Little did I know that meeting this powerful spirit would send me galloping towards a new life filled with much happiness, creativity, fulfillment, personal growth, and a brand new career.

AMP EXPERIENCE HAPPYI was a lucky girl to lease Felici from my work friend. At the time I had to let go of another magical horse named Butterfly and I never thought I would love another horse that much but I soon found that love only grows the more we keep our heart open and Felici busted mine wide open. I only had two years with her before she crossed over the rainbow bridge to Heaven but in that time she left many hoof prints on my heart and I was changed for good. Not only did all of my cares disappear the second I saw her but I had a best friend to connect with twice a week who helped to re-balance me and teach me the most valuable lesson on Earth: that of unconditional love.

As we rode through the trails of Malibu together and walked side-by-side in liberty work and join-up exercises in equine therapy, Felici started to teach me. At first it was indirectly in a whisper, and then more overtly in dreams, signs, and profound mirroring. She had a way of surfacing my shadow in a gentle, kind way (the way she did everything) so that I could face it and heal it for good. She showed me the truth about rejection, the strength of love, and the power of surrender. She taught me how to be a healer and how to become a real horseback rider, as we danced together in mental telepathy and harmony.

Felici inspired me to step further into my calling to help people and animals. She was the impetus for my work as an equine coach. She was the star of my TEDx talk and has also been my muse for my book on the power of horses to mirror and heal. Her owner Kajsa was my horse angel, Felici my earth angel that provided me a sanctuary away from the busy-ness and challenges of life as an entrepreneur. Now she guides me through grace to many magical moments of serendipity and synchronicity from the other side. She has taught me that we don’t really die and she left me with her legacy to help more horses and humans heal,and so I continue to do her important work which is now my work: spreading the happiness.

Kate Neligan is an AMP-tastic woman.  We are grateful for her contribution to our AMP community.

Website: http://www.consciousrockstar.com/#!equine-rockstar/c1zgg

The Felici Fund: www.gofundme.com/felicifund

TEDx talk: http://synergytvnetwork.com/videos/the-pursuit-of-perfection-kate-neligan-at-tedx-malibu/

AMP EXPERIENCE Kate Neligan and Felici 7_n-1









DGX logo copy








AMP Experience Happiness Sunday Tea – June 22nd at JaHoon Healing Center

Join us, June 22nd at the JaHoon Healing Center for an uplifting conversation around inviting more and more happiness and friendship and love into your life.

Get your tickets here.

AMP Experience creates safe spaces to explore the deeper conversations of community. We enjoy the spirit of inspiration over delicious cups of tea.

AMP Experience SUNDAY Tea with Melanie Lutz at JaHoon Healing Center


**Donations are being accepted online and the day of the event for our AMP beloved community charity selection.  For more information email us at info@ampexperience.com







The Magical and Miraculous Phenomenal Woman: Portrait in Harmony

Melissa Fitzgerald

Holding space for harmony and justice planting seeds locally, nationally and internationally.

Effectiveness, commitment, destiny, courage for the unknown are qualities Actorvist Melissa Fitzgerald has demonstrated.  Being a tireless voice for the invisible and underserved, an advocate for change and a representative of a new leadership philosophy takes faith in something bigger than yourself.  It takes vision beyond the current reality into the heart of what wants to be born.

During summer breaks on her seven seasons working as Carol on the smash hit The West Wing, Ms. Fitzgerald embraced an ingrained passion for shedding light in the dark corners of the spirit coining the term ‘Actorvist’ to accommodate worlds that are often impossible to bridge as her deep commitment to service and her belief in performance to reveal the truth, projecting light transcended definition.  Acting embodies the need to act inherent in Activism.  Current Senior Director for Justice for Vets Ms. Fitzgerald is re-framing a powerful movement to reclaim the lives of Veterans acting out of the traumas caused by their service by utilizing the justice system to return our heroes to their rightful place in our communities, amplifying a movement to support and honor those that have served our country.

Celebrity offers a particular platform of opportunity to lead by example, to broadcast messages that matter, to bring light to areas that have to long been cast in the dark and silent shadows of oppression, to lead so others might follow and to act in the spirit of determination for new tomorrows that are better than today in the health and welfare of our societies.

When asked what it is like to live in both worlds, that of the Artist and that of the Activist, Melissa  Fitzgerald at a recent event at Warner Bros. with heartfelt integrity does not hesitate… “Inherent in the Actor is the root of to act.  To be in action to what wants to live in the moment.  It isn’t enough to act the part, there is work to be done and being in action to serve those in need is completely necessary in our global mission to live in effectiveness and leave a path so others might know the way so deeply ingrained that loving change is inevitable and right action is the inner working of the spirit of those who have come before us.”


Speaking at NCMR “A Roadmap for Change,” of the National Conference for Media Reform Ms. Fitzgerald speaks eloquently on the matter “When people say to me, it is hard to know where to start, there is only one answer.  You start where you are. With what you have.”

“If you go, show up, you have the opportunity to change something for someone you meet, and that’s how it starts.  If you don’t step up nothing changes.”

Showing up is the most powerful act of faith an individual can express.  Showing up no matter what the circumstance, standing for what needs to be expressed, showing up for someone you love, standing up for the ways in which your showing up makes all the difference.  The ripple effect from every single act of being present is incalculable.  If your intention is to be more loving, then the world will be a more loving place.  If your intention is to show up to discover something, to be curious, leading the way by shining a light there will be more light in the world.  It is  as simple as that.  As one of my lyric writing idols, Dorothy Fields wrote in one of her early songs, “If there were more people who did there would be much less to be done.”

Melissa Fitzgerald Actorvist

Melissa Fitzgerald coined the word Actorvist to represent the intersection point of a lifetime commitment to service and how performing universal archetypal stories heal the heart and deliver the truth in imaginary situations.  In living this intersection point she represents the real deal in both worlds.

Shifting into an era of Global Citizenship that begins in communities.

Each of these women have conquered mountain after mountain, reaching new levels, lifting us above the battlefield into new vision, achieving the heights of excellence in the journey of our lives.  They stand as a testament to what each of us is capable of day in and day out to contribute to a better society with each act of faith.

Each of us provides an example in our circles, communities, and neighborhoods. As big as the problems we may face, the forces coming together in willingness and openness to a different way.  We definitely have the answer.  It lives within, as we exercise that which works through us and rises up when we are present to the task in front of us, showing up, being ourselves and in doing so shining light where it is needed most, where we are.

What connects and defines us as women.  What lives within our hearts that drives us to do whatever it takes to sustain our environment, to nourish our children, to give birth to new possibilities each day  we have the privilege to wake up and no matter what, to look at the world holistically, leading by example making sure what needs to be done gets done.

We are here to celebrate all that makes us human beings in magnificent cheering glory in an all out exercise of grace to bring about more and more peace.  These reminders of the deepest truth of what showing up means, in the magical and miraculous phenomenal space of Sisterhood in the present moment is how the open heart beats in love in thy kingdom come.

Thanks to these women and the many others who are tirelessly showing up, standing in the light and expressing the truth enabling others to stand in their light creating an unending chain of support in unity.

Start by showing up every day when you think you don’t know where to start.  All will be revealed.

#loveland #socialjustice #peace

Melissa Fitzgerald – Justice for Vets   http://www.justiceforvets.org

Justice for Vets enables the creation of a nationwide network of Veterans Treatment Courts that is transforming the way veterans are handled in the criminal justice system. In doing so we will keep veterans out of jail and prison; saving their lives, their families, and their futures, while saving tax dollars for the American public.  Lead by Actorvist and compassionate advocate for essential humanitarian causes Melissa Fitzgerald widely recognized as a courageous advocate for people in need. 





AMP Experience Sunday #Tea – Enchanted #Miracles and Magic of Happiness in Community

The difference between imagining something and owning it is asking for its delivery and opening your heart to the commitment to take action.

Each and every AMP Experience Sunday tea brings with it the gift of the unknown and the miraculous activity of the soul stirrings of Tea. AMP is blessed with so much grace. From it’s formation to the organic way that each event manifests to its growth and to where its source lives in the deep reaches of the heart.

Join us, June 22nd at the JaHoon Healing Center for an uplifting conversation around inviting more and more happiness and friendship and love into your life.

Get your tickets here.

AMP Experience creates safe spaces to explore the deeper conversations of community. We enjoy the spirit of inspiration over delicious cups of tea.

AMP Experience SUNDAY Tea with Melanie Lutz at JaHoon Healing Center


Anyone who has every had a dream beyond the limits of their present circumstances can experience the grace of opening. In every AMP the power that flows through these openings always brings so many gifts.

Look forward to seeing you for Tea or online.

#Prayer #Thanks #Love

The Joyful Team at AMP EXPERIENCE




The event is free to all Amazing, Magnificent and Phenomenal Women.
One of the longstanding missions of AMP is effectiveness in building communities with love. With each donation the power of community coming together with love will add to a new center for healing movement. We are deeply grateful for your ideas, donations, contributions and service in this regard!!
**Donations are being accepted online and the day of the event for our
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AMP beloved community charity selection. For

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more information email us at info@ampexperience.com


-Dotzstudioz – https://www.facebook.com/dotstudioz?ref=br_tf

-Melanie Lutz | All Systems Love www.melanielutz.com

-Create with Jenna www.createwithjenna.com

-Connie Siu https://www.facebook.com/connie.siu.376?fref=ts

-Synergy TV Network https://www.facebook.com/SynergyTV?ref=br_tf through Kate Neligan’s Conscious Rockstar

-Jamie Schneider New Market Group | Keller Williams Calabasas https://www.facebook.com/KWCalabasas

-Rob Penque – http://www.growplan.org/ Dedicated to the end of global food hunger and malnutrition

-Vintage Villager – Sandra McCurdy

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-Christine Lenz – www.christinelenz.com

- Kate Moriarty http://www.evidencegallery.com/

- Alexzander Carnel http://amcportfolio.com/

-Andrija Bloom www.enchantedportraiture.com

-Guy David Gavit – Animation Guy

Dreams Are The Wishes Your Heart Makes – Muse Over

AMP Events calogue

AMP Experience partners with MUSE for our Muse is in the Heart MUSE over, a shift in perception and a full on

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joy and compassion for all of you.



AMP Experience – Masters of Light and Shadow

The beauty, strength and gentleness that grace our AMP Sunday Teas is a testament to the loving spirits that infuse all our gatherings. The wonderful photographer Alexzander Carnel of captured the uniqueness of so many different women. Love it. Inspired by the event and the lightness of service.

With Infinite Love & Gratitude Alexzander offered a special AMP

Say them small this. Product shoot price for your upcoming needs.

Make sure to reach out to book him! Mention AMP Rocks for the special package discount…
Alexzander M. Carnel
AMC Photography
#Amazing #Love #SundayTea #photography