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AMP @Camerich LA


December 2014 AMP Ex. Event: Magical Winter Tea From one Purse to Another

Presents: A Consciously Curated w/LOVE brand partnership.

In the final hours of planning for this Magical Winter Tea, AMP’s pryers where answered and our Angel of Space showed up in the form of Camerich Los Angeles’s Head of Marketing, Susie.


Camerich is a showroom proud to provide an array of high quality modern furniture at an obtainable price. Whether you’re looking for a well-crafted sofa for your condo, or dining chairs for your restaurant venture, let us help you with your contemporary furniture needs.


At Camerich Los Angeles, we stand behind the world-renowned Camerich brand. Directly produced

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by the Camerich factory, we are passionate in our design and set precedence in our technique, supported by the quality and construction of every piece we sell.

Come visit our Los Angeles showroom and experience first-hand what it means to sit on a Camerich sofa and the Camerich lifestyle. http://camerichla.com/

AMP Ex. is grateful to be hosting our Tea at Camerich. Consciously Curated w/LOVE!

Think I AM, an Enlighten Experience



4_984d1e3d57c1ea4e8f8317ab4dee714eWe love it when a plan comes together. The pursuit of Happiness from our second quarter event @Jahoon brought forth an Amazing, Magnificent and Phenomenal Consciously Created w/LOVE brand partnership, by way of one of our AMP Angels, Kate Neligan!


December 2014 AMP Ex. Event: Magical Winter Tea From one Purse to Another

Presents: A Consciously Curated w/LOVE brand partnership.

The I AM Mission

We draw on ancient wisdom, modern science and the I AM consciousness to create the highest-vibrational products that deliver fast-acting, sustainable results and support healthy lifestyle choices. Through these ENLIGHTENED CREATIONS® and our I AM Community, we live our mission to revitalize and elevate people and transform the planet.

The I AM Vision

Our vision is to merge the knowledge of centuries of spiritual and natural wisdom with modern science to create the highest vibrational lifestyle products and build a greater platform for sharing transformational content and shifting the collective consciousness of the planet.

 The Flower of Life

We chose the ancient symbol, the Flower of Life, as the emblem for our logo, not only for its intricate beauty, but also for the profound secrets of creation held within its overlapping petals. Studied by DaVinci and known to global civilizations from Ireland to India for thousands of years, the Flower of Life provides a key to the wisdom of sacred geometry and beyond – including ratios found in nature, music, mathematics and chemistry.

The Flower begins with one circle, signifying the I AM consciousness creating form from formlessness. The next circle evolves the Vesica Pisces as it overlaps, a space that contains several essential geometric ratios, including knowledge about light. More overlapping circles create the Seed of Life, or Genesis Pattern. Additional circles give birth to the 3-D Egg of Life, a biological key, until the Flower reaches 19 circles. The perfect symmetry of the Flower of Life also contains the Seed of Life, the Kabalistic Tree of Life and Metatron’s Cube, a geometric metaphor for the elements.

At I AM, we celebrate the wonders of esoteric wisdom, the beauty of science, nature’s profound intelligence and the mysterious power of the universe – all embodied by the exquisite Flower of Life.

Consciously Curated w/LOVE we salute you!



We are Buddaful



December 2014 AMP Ex. Event: Magical Winter Tea From one Purse to Another

Presents: A Consciously Curated w/LOVE brand partnership.

Lets the Greetings be amplified. AMP Ex. is honored to have Buddhaful on board to deliver a Magical Winter Tea.


Jude Weber is a Buddhist practitioner, whose longtime philosophy has been that we can achieve

world peace by creating value in our own lives and taking charge of our individual happiness, one person at a time. She has been dedicated to this worldwide movement for over 23 years—the goal of which is to awaken to the dignity and power that reside within us and transform our lives at the deepest level. With an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology and Consciousness, Health, and Healing, Jude has committed to a life of healing, growth, and upliftment.

Jude began her professional career in the fashion industry, where she traveled extensively throughout the Far East and Europe on a regular basis. As a business executive, she expanded her experience into the music and financial industries. It wasn’t until four years ago when a life-threatening health condition forced Jude to stop everything, that she truly got to examine and reclaim her life.

Jude uses her profound insight into the human condition as a means of expression.

Persevering through the darkness, she reignited her passion for writing and her creativity as a means of self expression and healing herself, as well as in service to others. Through her deep challenges, Jude has brought to life a long-lived creative dream called “Buddhaful,” a line of inspirational, handmade cards and sacred keepsakes that incorporate uplifting words and images. The intention of Buddhaful is to infuse the giver and receiver the loving energy and empowerment of each message.

Jude uses her profound insight into the human condition as a means of expression. Through her writing, creativity, and counseling, her greatest desire is to support and inspire others to transcend their own personal struggles and to awaken to their true nature that we are all Buddhaful inside.

Concsiously Curated w/LOVE we salute you Jude!


Our Mission

Buddhaful cards are designed with universal pieces of life intended to elevate everyday living and moments. Each card has been crafted infusing energy & vibration to inspire, uplift and encourage each other, experiencing more than just a greeting card.

Buddhaful’s greatest desire is to nurture the human spirit.

Where SEACRETs are Reveiled


December 2014 AMP Ex. Event: Magical Winter Tea “From one Purse to Another”

Presents: A Consciously Curated w/LOVE brand partnership.

AMP would like to welcome Tina Cruz of  SEACRET Spa products, to our December event! Tina, is a Empowered Wife, Mother, Singer & SEACRET Agent of Beauty.

A bit about SEACRET: “Although our business relies on developing unparalleled, life-changing products that help people improve their look and overall health, our true passion is our community. Our motivation and the foundation of any and all of our success is the people that are SEACRET.” says Founders of SEACRET.

AMP Experience welcomes another community built with love to our!

Consciously Curated w/LOVE we salute you Tina!

Conscious Rockstar



December 2014 AMP Ex. Event: Magical Winter Tea From one Purse to Another

Presents: A Consciously Curated w/LOVE brand partnership.

Honoring the professional grow of a Leader in our community. AMP Experience is excited to be working in partnership with Katie Neligan founder of Conscious Rockstar Couching. Katie has been a long time supporter and advisor to AMP Experience helping build our AMP Community w/LOVE.

CRC’s mission is to empower you to recognize and realize your highest potential. Sometimes we need tips, tools, new perspectives, thoughtful questions, exercises, guidance, and support in order to take our life to the next level. Life coaching has many benefits and it’s also a lot of fun, which is why it’s the fastest growing field in personal development.

Rockstar Results may include…

– Clarity

– Focus

– Empowerment, Motivation & Inspiration

– Celebration & Acknowledgment

– Accountability

- Positive Changes & Healthy Choices

- Self-Awareness

- Courage & Confidence 

- Enthusiasm & Gratitude 

- Accomplishing Goals 

“Success means fulfilling your own dreams, singing your own song, dancing your own dance, creating from your heart, and enjoying the journey, trusting that whatever happens, it will be OK.” — Elana Lindquist

Amplified w/LOVE!

Clear your calendar for 12.07.14

It’s going down! AMP Experience kicks off on December 7th, and you’re invited to take part in the Christmas Tea Amplification.

Camerich Los Angeles (461 N Robertson Blvd) is our meeting spot for a day of fun and excitement. Come one, come all, bring a guest, and embrace your I AM Statements. This is going to be an Epic Tea!

Second Saturday DANCE Class @Lorna Jane Beverly Center

Join us for a Second Saturday of each month Dance Class at Lorna Jane Active Living at the Beverly Center in the heart of Los Angeles an AMP experience with Cardio Dance Master Bryan Leigh Smith.

Dance is the great equalizer in the pursuit of happiness and complete body joy.

Come and Dance, Shop, Dream and catch some inspirational grooves at the City of Angels Mall capital of glamour and fashion the Beverly Center for our Second Saturday AMP Dance Class at 9 AM September 13, October 11, November 8, December 13th.

“Dance is communication and the great desire is to speak clearly and beautifully and with inevitability. And this is true of all of us.”

Class is a fundraiser and Lorna Jane is offering 20% purchase an item discount encouraging donations to Dance from the Heart as a ‪#‎give‬ it forward!

Please feel free to join us and invite someone who might enjoy making connections with movement and love.

AMP Experience Second Saturday Dance Class at Lorna Jane Dance Class 

#GIVE IT FORWARD AMP EXPERIENCE focused on Critical Mass Dance Company & Dance from the Heart

Lorna Jane Active Living 

& AMP Experience 


Second Saturday’s


Sept 13, Oct 11, Nov 8, Dec 13

9:00 AM – 30 MIN GROOVES


8500 Beverly Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90048



GIVE:  http://www.criticalmassdancecompany.org/make-a-donation.html

RSVP: info@ampexperience.com

SHOP: www.lornajane.com







Beginnings. The Two Thelma’s

The sharp exhale of breath that came from my friend Connie’s mouth after I had written “Thelma” on the wind prayer flag we were using to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the Chinese New Year falling on the same day sparked the question…

“What’s wrong?”

“That’s my Mom’s name.”


Electricity crackled in the air connecting the cosmic dots as Connie explained… “She died of cancer.” “Oh.” I continued. “I’ve been hearing Thelma in my head since I moved in and I thought it was my Grandmother (also named Thelma) … Wow. Wild. Huh?!” The two Thelma’s, my Grandmother and Connie’s Mother, had united in spirit, and had a hand in bringing the two of us together in the happenstance of circumstance that led to this quiet moment at 735 Alfred Street off of Melrose Place enjoying a cup of tea. They were helping us remember we were not alone; that moments of celebration could become connections and connections could bring inspiration. When it was time to “plant” the prayer flag “Amazing” came up in Connie’s heart and “Magnificent” came up in mine. It was then we decided to celebrate (with cupcakes) delicious treats and of course pots of tea all the Amazing and Magnificent women in our lives. Our first Sunday Tea at 735 Alfred Street brought in the door the Phenomenal Phoenix Gonzalez and without delay AMP EXPERIENCE was born. We never know so many things about why we are drawn where we are or how a particular offering of our heart may touch others.Melanie-Lutz---Web-Photo

I do

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actually charm the some my.know AMP is a beautiful reminder that we are all Amazing, Magnificent and Phenomenal, truly and wholly!! It was the message from the two Thelma’s and it led in a most perfect fashion to a series of Sunday afternoon Teas celebrating our AMP-ness surrounded by support for all the joy, happiness, tears and laughter that every life contains, with the opportunity to expand friendships, make connections and provide a space for encouragement and most importantly nourishment in the form of a community. It is with deep appreciation that we celebrate our lovely group of women. It is with gratitude that we embrace all the spirits that have joined together in a feminine social force of Love in action. With infinite love and deep gratitude we offer up AMP EXPERIENCE for your involvement, for your support, for your nourishment, and for your ideas.

For Thelma and our Ancestors, for our friends and our loved ones; for those angels of our past and present that encourage life’s everyday ordinary miracles My Grandmother – Thelma